Thank you for taking the time to visit A little over eight months ago, we sat in a little coffee shop in Lexington talking about the possibility of starting a dating site for Kentucky sports fans, we didn’t really have a clear picture of what the end product would look like. In truth, we still don’t know what that product looks like.

This site is designed to be an ever evolving project. We hope that when you visit, you look for the good, and maybe the not so good, things with the site and let us know! This site was designed for you, the BBN! Thus, this site will evolve from the feedback that you pass on to us.

Do you think creating a profile is too difficult on the site? Let us know! Is there a feature that another dating site has that BBNmeetup doesn’t have? Let us know! Do you think that the search and matching program are awesome? Definitely let us know!!

This site is for you, BBN. We embrace the level of crazy that comes with this fan base. Heck, we are members of the BBN! Of course we understand the passion that you have for your teams! When Kentucky wins, we celebrate. When it is a close game we throw things, stand in certain spots to not change the good mojo. When Kentucky losses, we cry (lookin’ right at ya, Wisconsin). We understand your passion. Now, help us to build an amazing dating site that sets you apart from the others!

Have feedback? Suggestions? Contact us at!

Brandon Crabtree & Shane Munson


  1. Debi Bentley

    August 1, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Hey guys, I think the concept of this site is awesome. Of course, I’m a little too old for the college thing but I will have a fantastic time talking with other BBN fans and agonizing over close games and losses. I, like most folks in Kentucky, bleed Blue!!!! Cut me open and my blood drips Kentucky Blue. I even refused a life insurance policy (that I desperately needed) because the rep I was speaking with was a Louisville fan and this person ticked me off ROYALLY! Being the nice Big Blue Bleeder that I am, I congratulated her on her daughter’s graduation from that skanky school—in that section of Kentucky that SHOULD actually be a part of Indiana—and refused the policy. On a trip from Lexington back to eastern Kentucky, my goddaughter was sick and we stopped to let her get air and throw up. A kind gentleman stopped, concerned that we were having car trouble. He walked up to my window and I saw that he had a duke cap on. Oh my – how that set me off! I enthusiastically informed him that he needed to take a sharpie and mark out the “D” and “E” and berated him for wearing such a cap in the state of Kentucky. The poor man didn’t know what hit him. I continued in that mode for some time before thanking him for stopping and letting him know nothing was wrong vehicle-wise, only his cap! I could go on and on telling stories of encounters of the worst kind with non-Wildcat fans, (I can’t imagine not being one) and discussing my major dislike of anything Louisville, Duke, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Marquette… and did I say Louisville, Duke or Florida yet? Oh and what’s that FB coach’s name at South Carolina….Steve Spurrier, right? Add that one to the list as well. I thought sure we were going to finally bust him last season and Florida too. Here’s praying for the 2015 season. May our football Cats bring the Big Blue claws out, especially for Florida and South Carolina and take us Bowling on the new year!
    Debi “Catwoman” Bentley

  2. Tina

    August 27, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    Hi Debi, I really like this site but, even though I have said I am a Woman looking for a Man, the only people that have e-mailed me are women. That really bothers me, I don’t know what to do about it. I will stay on here because I really would like to meet someone that has the same interests as I do, Kentucky Wildcats, I bleed BLUE too! Thank you, Tina “wildcatgirl 1961”


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